Jewish Mysticism
The Creator has no limit. Concerning those verses which attribute dimensions to the Creator, “Great is our Lord and full of power” (Ps. 147-5) [the expression “and full of power,” we-rav koah] numerologically equals 236 [i.e., an allusion to the standard measure of the Demiurge in the Shi‘ur Qomah], “who gauged the skies with a span” (Isa. 40-12), the measure is necessitated on account of the created entities, for the Creator, blessed be He, has no limit. It was necessary for the glory to be greater than the created entities taken altogether. From this vantage point the enlightened one can know the One from the perspective of all things cleaving to it. Thus, it says “measure of the Demiurge,” but He has no limit! What is intended is that the measure [applies to] that which cleaves (davuq) [i.e., the glory which emanates from and thus is attached to the One] and not as Saadiah explained [concerning a created glory].

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in Through a Speculum that Shines- Vision and Imagination in Medieval Jewish Mysticism, Princeton- Princeton University Press, 1994.