The Hebrew Bible
1The word of the Lord that came to Joel son of Pethuel.

2Listen to this, O elders,

Give ear, all inhabitants of the land.

Has the like of this happened in your days

Or in the days of your fathers?

3Tell your children about it,

And let your children tell theirs,

And their children the next generation!

4What the cutter has left, the locust has devoured;

What the locust has left, the grub has devoured;

And what the grub has left, the hopper has devoured.

5Wake up, you drunkards, and weep,

Wail, all you swillers of wine—

For the new wine that is denied you!

6For a nation has invaded my land,

Vast beyond counting,

With teeth like the teeth of a lion,

With the fangs of a lion’s breed.

7They have laid my vines waste

And splintered my fig trees-

They have stripped off their bark and thrown [it] away;

Their runners have turned white.

8Lament—like a maiden girt with sackcloth

For the husband of her youth!

9Offering and libation have ceased

From the House of the Lord;

The priests must mourn

Who minister to the Lord.

10The country is ravaged,

The ground must mourn;

For the new grain is ravaged,

The new wine is dried up,

The new oil has failed.

11Farmers are dismayed

And vine dressers wail

Over wheat and barley;

For the crops of the field are lost.

12The vine has dried up,

The fig tree withers,

Pomegranate, palm, and apple—

All the trees of the field are sear.

And joy has dried up

Among men.

13Gird yourselves and lament, O priests,

Wail, O ministers of the altar;

Come, spend the night in sackcloth,

O ministers of my God.

For offering and libation are withheld

From the House of your God.

14Solemnize a fast,

Proclaim an assembly;

Gather the elders—all the inhabitants of the land—

In the House of the Lord your God,

And cry out to the Lord.

15Alas for the day!

For the day of the Lord is near;

It shall come like havoc from Shaddai.

16For food is cut off

Before our very eyes,

And joy and gladness

From the House of our God.

17The seeds have shriveled

Under their clods.

The granaries are desolate,

Barns are in ruins,

For the new grain has failed.

18How the beasts groan!

The herds of cattle are bewildered

Because they have no pasture,

And the flocks of sheep are dazed.

19To You, O Lord, I call.

For fire has consumed

The pastures in the wilderness,

And flame has devoured

All the trees of the countryside.

20The very beasts of the field

Cry out to You;

For the watercourses are dried up,

And fire has consumed

The pastures in the wilderness.

2 Blow a horn in Zion,

Sound an alarm on My holy mount!

Let all dwellers on earth tremble,

For the day of the Lord has come!

It is close—

2A day of darkness and gloom,

A day of densest cloud

Spread like soot over the hills.

A vast, enormous horde—

Nothing like it has ever happened,

And it shall never happen again

Through the years and ages.

3Their vanguard is a consuming fire,

Their rear guard a devouring flame.

Before them the land was like the Garden of Eden,

Behind them, a desolate waste-

Nothing has escaped them.

4They have the appearance of horses,

They gallop just like steeds.

5With a clatter as of chariots

They bound on the hilltops,

With a noise like a blazing fire

Consuming straw;

Like an enormous horde

Arrayed for battle.

6Peoples tremble before them,

All faces turn ashen.

7They rush like warriors,

They scale a wall like fighters.

And each keeps to his own track.

Their paths never cross;

8No one jostles another,

Each keeps to his own course.

And should they fall through a loophole,

They do not get hurt.

9They rush up the wall,

They dash about in the city;

They climb into the houses,

They enter like thieves

By way of the windows.

10Before them earth trembles,

Heaven shakes,

Sun and moon are darkened,

And stars withdraw their brightness.

11And the Lord roars aloud

At the head of His army;

For vast indeed is His host,

Numberless are those that do His bidding.

For great is the day of the Lord,

Most terrible—who can endure it?

12“Yet even now”—says the Lord—

“Turn back to Me with all your hearts,

And with fasting, weeping, and lamenting.”

13Rend your hearts

Rather than your garments,

And turn back to the Lord your God.

For He is gracious and compassionate,

Slow to anger, abounding in kindness,

And renouncing punishment.

14Who knows but He may turn and relent,

And leave a blessing behind

For meal offering and drink offering

To the Lord your God?

15Blow a horn in Zion,

Solemnize a fast,

Proclaim an assembly!

16Gather the people,

Bid the congregation purify themselves.

Bring together the old,

Gather the babes

And the sucklings at the breast;

Let the bridegroom come out of his chamber,

The bride from her canopied couch.

17Between the portico and the altar,

Let the priests, the Lord’s ministers, weep

And say-

“Oh, spare Your people, Lord!

Let not Your possession become a mockery,

To be taunted by nations!

Let not the peoples say,

‘Where is their God?’”

18Then the Lord was roused

On behalf of His land

And had compassion

Upon His people.

19In response to His people

The Lord declared-

“I will grant you the new grain,

The new wine, and the new oil,

And you shall have them in abundance.

Nevermore will I let you be

A mockery among the nations.

20I will drive the northerner far from you,

I will thrust it into a parched and desolate land—

Its van to the Eastern Sea

And its rear to the Western Sea;

And the stench of it shall go up,

And the foul smell rise.”

For [the Lord] shall work great deeds.

21Fear not, O soil, rejoice and be glad;

For the Lord has wrought great deeds.

22Fear not, O beasts of the field,

For the pastures in the wilderness

Are clothed with grass.

The trees have borne their fruit;

Fig tree and vine

Have yielded their strength.

23O children of Zion, be glad,

Rejoice in the Lord your God.

For He has given you the early rain in [His] kindness,

Now He makes the rain fall [as] formerly—

The early rain and the late—

24And threshing floors shall be piled with grain,

And vats shall overflow with new wine and oil.

25“I will repay you for the years

Consumed by swarms and hoppers,

By grubs and locusts,

The great army I let loose against you.

26And you shall eat your fill

And praise the name of the Lord your God

Who dealt so wondrously with you—

My people shall be shamed no more.

27And you shall know

That I am in the midst of Israel-

That I the Lord am your God

And there is no other.

And My people shall be shamed no more.”

3 After that,

I will pour out My spirit on all flesh;

Your sons and daughters shall prophesy;

Your old men shall dream dreams,

And your young men shall see visions.

2I will even pour out My spirit

Upon male and female slaves in those days.

3Before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes,

I will set portents in the sky and on earth-

Blood and fire and pillars of smoke;

4The sun shall turn into darkness

And the moon into blood.

5But everyone who invokes the name of the Lord shall escape; for there shall be a remnant on
Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, as the Lord promised. Anyone who invokes the Lord will be among the

4 For lo! in those days

And in that time,

When I restore the fortunes

Of Judah and Jerusalem,

2I will gather all the nations

And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.

There I will contend with them

Over My very own people, Israel,

Which they scattered among the nations.

For they divided My land among themselves

3And cast lots over My people;

And they bartered a boy for a whore,

And sold a girl for wine, which they drank.

4What is this you are doing to Me, O Tyre, Sidon, and all the districts of Philistia? Are you requiting Me for something I have done, or are you doing something for My benefit? Quick as a flash, I will pay you back; 5for you have taken My gold and My silver, and have carried off My precious treasures to your palaces; 6and you have sold the people of Judah and the people of Jerusalem to the Ionians, so that you have removed them far away from their homeland. 7Behold, I will rouse them to leave the place you have sold them to, and I will pay you back- 8I will deliver your sons and daughters into the hands of the people of Judah, and they will sell them into captivity to a distant nation—for the Lord has spoken.

9Proclaim this among the nations-

Prepare for battle!

Arouse the warriors,

Let all the fighters come and draw near!

10Beat your plowshares into swords,

And your pruning hooks into spears.

Let even the weakling say, “I am strong.”

11Rouse yourselves and come,

All you nations;

Come together

From roundabout.

There bring down

Your warriors, O Lord!

12Let the nations rouse themselves and march up

To the Valley of Jehoshaphat;

For there I will sit in judgment

Over all the nations roundabout.

13Swing the sickle,

For the crop is ripe;

Come and tread,

For the winepress is full,

The vats are overflowing!

For great is their wickedness.

14Multitudes upon multitudes

In the Valley of Decision!

For the day of the Lord is at hand

In the Valley of Decision.

15Sun and moon are darkened,

And stars withdraw their brightness.

16And the Lord will roar from Zion,

And shout aloud from Jerusalem,

So that heaven and earth tremble.

But the Lord will be a shelter to His people,

A refuge to the children of Israel.

17And you shall know that I the Lord your God

Dwell in Zion, My holy mount.

And Jerusalem shall be holy;

Nevermore shall strangers pass through it.

18And in that day,

The mountains shall drip with wine,

The hills shall flow with milk,

And all the watercourses of Judah shall flow with water;

A spring shall issue from the House of the Lord

And shall water the Wadi of the Acacias.

19Egypt shall be a desolation,

And Edom a desolate waste,

Because of the outrage to the people of Judah,

In whose land they shed the blood of the innocent.

20But Judah shall be inhabited forever,

And Jerusalem throughout the ages.

21Thus I will treat as innocent their blood

Which I have not treated as innocent;

And the Lord shall dwell in Zion.

Tanakh, The Holy Scriptures, (Philadelphia, Jerusalem- Jewish Publication Society) 1985.