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JERUSALEM, March 1 (U. P.)-Great Britain, smarting from one of the bloodiest days in the history of its mandate over Palestine, today warned that the Jews cannot expect full protection from British troops as long as the soldiers must fear for their own lives.

This warning was followed by an announcement from the British military command in Jerusalem that it will use whatever force is needed against Jews and Arabs “impartially” to halt further outbreaks in the Holy City. The announcement added- “The army will if necessary use weapons more powerful than those available to Arabs and Jews.”

Both declarations came as authorities reported two abortive attempts have been made on the life of Lieutenant General G. H. A. MacMillan, commander of British forces in Palestine, in the last 24 hours.


The first attempt was reported by British Government, Spokesman Charles Thetford, who said MacMillan’s automobile was blown up by an electrically detonated mine while it was being driven from Jaffa to Jerusalem. MacMillan was not in the automobile.

Police later reported a second attempt was made while he was returning from the scene of the train bombing in eastern Palestine yesterday, in which 28 British soldiers were killed.

MacMillan’s convoy allegedly was attacked at an undisclosed point. Guns were fired but the bullets hit another car. The automobile in which he was riding sped out of range, according to the reports.

Brigadier C. P. Jones, commander of British forces in the Jerusalem district, declared in a proclamation that “disturbances of the peace will not be allowed to continue.”

The proclamation was taken as a hint of possible martial law. It warned Jerusalem’s population that life was becoming impossible here, due to continued Jewish-Arab fighting.

“In encounters of this kind where it is impossible to decide which side is the aggressor, the army will use weapons impartially against whichever side is firing. The object will be to halt fighting immediately with a minimum loss of life … the army will now intervene at every opportunity,” Jones’ proclamation said.


Contents of an official British communique to the Jewish Agency for Palestine condemning recent outbursts of violence were released as official casualty figures were announced for the three months of fighting since Palestine was partitioned.

The report said 1330 persons-Arabs, Jews, “civilians,” British soldiers and British police-had been killed, 1090 seriously injured and 1855 slightly injured.

In the sharp 2000-word communique to the agency, organized executive organ of the Jewish community, Britain accused it of indirect responsibility for recent clashes which have taken many British lives.

The agency was accused of failing to live up to a promise to supply a “civil guard force” in Jewish areas from which British security forces were withdrawn.

The statement recalled that the agency rejected an invitation by the Palestine government to negotiate on the suppression of the Irgunist and Stern underground groups “on the ground it was contrary to Jewish political interests.”