British Guards, Haifa AirportJerusalem, April 6 (A. P.).-Jews in military and police uniforms killed six British soldiers and stole arms in a raid on a British Army camp south of Haifa today, authorities in Haifa announced.

The slain Britons included the commanding officer of Pardes Hannah Camp. A Jewish informant in Jerusalem said the underground Irgun Zvai Leumi carried out the attack.

Haifa police said that the attackers overpowered a sentry at the gate to the camp, about twenty-five miles south of Haifa. The sentry was forced into a guardroom, where he and three others were stood against a wall and shot in the back, the police said.
Camp Commander Slain.

The attackers, who arrived in a scout car, an armored personnel carrier and a three-ton truck, took up positions on a rise in the center of the camp, near its armory. About twenty or thirty raiders on the vantage point swept a wide area with machine gun fire, killing the camp commander and one soldier. Seven other soldiers were wounded.

During the firing. some raiders broke into the armory and stole rifles, Sten guns and Bren guns. The raiders were in the camp about thirty minutes before escaping. Police said they stole an unguided but armored half-track vehicle.

Four Jews carrying guns were arrested later in the area, but the police said there was nothing to implicate them directly in the attack.

Fifty trucks made the dangerous run today through Arab road blocks to get food to Jerusalem’s 100,000 Jews, whose rations were running dangerously low. Although several single trucks have slipped into Jerusalem, this was the first full-scale convoy to get through since the Arabs changed their sniping tactics to large scale attacks.

Two Jews were killed by snipers in Jerusalem today. The sniper area included central Jerusalem opposite the American consulate.

Meanwhile, Arabs renewed their attempts today to dislodge Haganah men from the Kastel strong point dominating the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway. A Jewish informant said the Arabs had not conquered Kastel, but had penetrated briefly the territory of the nearby Jewish village of Arza. They were repulsed from their initial positions during a large scale Haganah counter-attack, the informant said. Eight Jews were wounded. Arab casualties were not known.

Paris, April 6 (A. P.).-Directors of American aid to Jews in twenty-two countries reported today that morale among Jewish displaced persons is at a record low. The reports were heard on the first day of a week long meeting of national directors of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.