The Montefiore sectionJERUSALEM, March 29.-(INS)-Jewish women, children and old men were evacuated from Jerusalem’s Montefiore quarter today amid growing fears of large-scale Arab moves against the Holy City.

Arab sources indicated an Arab drive may be made to wrest control of Jerusalem from the Jews as soon as the British leave.

In addition to possible Arab attacks, an Arab spokesman said Jerusalem’s Jews face the prospect of having their food and water supplies cut off by the Arabs.

(The London News Chronicle reported “high-level” talks are in progress in an attempt to arrange an Arab-Jewish truce.)

The Montefiore section, situated between the King David hotel and the Zion Gate of the old city, has been the target of repeated Arab forays recently. It is heavily poulated by Jews.

Jewish evacuation of the quarter was begun last week but Arab snipers interrupted the maneuver.

The atmosphere of tension was heightened today by a report-later disproved that a Jewish plane bombed Jaffa.

Police said a preliminary investigation had shown the “bombs” must have been dropped from the air. A subsequent investigation brought announcement by the Palestine government by the Palestine government that the “bombs” were mortar shells.

Two school buildings were slightly damaged by the mortar shelling, which was believed to have come from Jewish positions in the Tel Aviv border area. There were no casualties.

Week-end fighting which took a toll of more than 100 lives was renewed today with a Jewish attack on an Arab village near the Lydda airport. Six Jews and a Jewess were killed when their armored car was blown up during the fighting.