kristalllnachtMannheim, 24 November 1938

Margarete Drexler

Landau Pfalz

Suedring st. 10

To the Secret State Police

Landau (Pfalz)

The sum of 900.- Marks in cash was confiscated from me in the course of the action of 10 November. I herewith request to act for the return of my money, as I need it urgently for my and my child’s livelihood.

I hope that my request will be granted, as my husband died as a result of his injuries during the war – he fought and died for his fatherland with extreme courage — and I am left without any income.

Until recent years you could have found a photo of my husband on the wall next to the picture of Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg in the canteen of the 23 infantry regiment in Landau. This was done to honor his high military performance.

His medals and decorations prove that he fought with great courage and honor. He received-

The Iron Cross first class

The Iron Cross second class

The Military Order of Merit fourth class with swords.

The Military Order of Sanitation 2 class with a blue-white ribbon. This ribbon is usually bestowed only upon recipients of the Max Joseph Order which accepts only members of the nobility.

I can only hope that as a widow of such a man, so honored by his country, my request for the return of my property will not be in vain.

With German greetings,

(signed) Frau Mrgarete Drexler

Widow of reserve staff surgeon

Dr. Hermann Drexler

Presently in Mannheim, 11 Kant st.

Enclosed- 6 photos of medals and decorations.

[Margarete Drexler was deported to France in October 1940 with the other Jews of the Pfalz area. She died in the Gurs camp. The date of her death is unknown.]

Source- Yad Vashem Archive O.51/81.

Jewish Virtual Library- Jewish Woman Complains of Money Stolen on Kristallnacht