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JERUSALEM, June 6 (AP)-A Jewish attempt to storm the Zion gate of Jerusalem’s old city failed today during a continuing Arab artillery barrage.

The Jews gave up their attack at 1 a. m. after three hours of fighting failed to budge Trans-Jordan troops.

Arab officers were unable to estimate the Jewish dead because Haganah militiamen took away the bodies before dawn.

The Arab long-range artillery began pounding shells into Jerusalem soon after midnight, and most of their fire was aimed at the Rehavia, Mea Shearim and Montefiore quarters of the Jews.

It was the heaviest bombardment since the fall of the old Jewish quarter of the city May 28.

The British Consul General notified the Arabs the nave of St. George’s Anglican Cathedral had been damaged and asked that it be spared.

Several Jewish mortar shells were lobbed into the old city during the day.

The Arab Legion commander reported a Jewish armored bus was destroyed by gunfire when it tried to reach a Haganah position near the Zion gate.

Newspapermen Injured In Grenade Accident

JERUSALEM, June 5 (delayed) (AP)-Three newspapermen were wounded today when a hand grenade was accidentally exploded as they walked across a square.

Sidney Smith of the London Daily Express and James Days of Britain’s Kemsley newspapers were wounded in the legs. Carter L. Davidson of the Associated Press was slightly hurt on the left arm.

The trio was walking over an area which has been the scene of bitter fighting for the Holy City when one of them accidentally kicked the grenade.