Partition planU. N. May Vote Tonight on Palestine

LAKE SUCCESS, Nov. 23 (AP)—The issue of partitioning Palestine moved today toward a United Nations vote, with the Jewish Agency expressing confidence the split-up will be approved.

The agency, official spokesmen for the Palestine Jews, authorized a statement that “Jewish Agency officials are confident that the two-thirds vote for partition is in sight.”

Speaking for the Arabs, who bitterly oppose partition, Syria’s Faris el Khoury said- “We can’t anticipate. We shall wait for the vote. There is still much to be said.”

Dr. Herbert V. Evatt of Australia, chairman of the Assembly’s 57-nation Palestine committee, expressed hope that the first vote would come by tomorrow night. All other business in the 1947 General Assembly has been concluded and adjournment hinges on the Holy Land decision.

Jewish optimism was heightened by two United States appeals before the committee yesterday. U. S. Delegate Herschel V. Johnson first asked delegates to approve the plan by a large margin and then took the floor again to caution against abstentions.

“How by abstaining can any delegation think they are furthering a solution?” Johnson said. “What will be the result if we do nothing and the United Kingdom (mandatory power) walks out?

“If we reach no decision, that will not be any solution at all. The time now is for decision.”

The Jewish Agency also pointed to China’s statement of support and noted that she had been expected to abstain. The Arabs, on the other hand, called attention to a split in the Soviet bloc, where Yugoslavia has refused to follow Russia in voting for partition.

In committee, that plan to split the Holy Land into independent Jewish and Arab countries needs only a simple majority. However, when the result goes to the floor of the Assembly for final approval a two-thirds vote will be necessary and it is there that the Arabs hope to block the plan.