Moshe ShertokSpecial to THE NEW YORK TIMES.

Shertok Says She Ended Myth of Invincible Arab Armies-Flour Reaches Jerusalem

TEL AVIV, Israel. June 19 (Delayed) (UP)-Foreign Minister Moshe Shertok declared today that Israel, fighting alone, had won all phases of the Palestine war and had smashed the myth of invincible Arab armies.

Mr. Shertok asserted the British had advised the Arabs all the way, but had failed because “they did not take into account the bond between the Jews and their soil.” “They had not counted on the heroism of Jewish youth,” he added.

Speaking at the annual all-Palestine conference of the Labor party, Mr. Shertok said-

“We smashed the legend of the Arab armies. The famous AngloArab Legion, the regular troops from Egypt, Syria and Lebanon have for the first time tasted battle-they preserved themselves from fighting in the World War-any of them who did fight, fought for Hitler. The Syrians and Lebanese were quick enough to declare war against Nazi Germany after the fall of Hitler so they could be assured of seats at the United Nations.”

Emergency Committee Office Busy

Special to The New York Times.

JERUSALEM, June 20 One of Jerusalem’s busiest offices is that of the Jewish Emergency Committee, which handles, among other matters, exit permits for persons wishing to travel.

Among those seeking exit permits were residents of Tel Aviv stranded in Jerusalem when the highway siege began several months ago, those who want to see relatives in other parts of the country, those who would like to sample the much more luxurious fare and normal living available in the coastal area and some with legitimate business to transact outside Jerusalem.

In addition to issuing these permits, the committee supervises the distribution to wholesalers, retailers and consumers of food, fuel and other necessities- water rationing, and the maintenance of public or civic services.

Five Rabbis Enter Old City Combined American Press Dispatch

JERUSALEM, June 20-Five former rabbis in Jerusalem’s Old City today entered its Jewish quarter for the first time since it had fallen to the Arabs.

The rabbis’ visit was supposedly for prayer, but the Jewish clergymen also wanted to find out how much damage had been done to religious sites.

Their trip to the Old City, in Arab hands since the end of May, was arranged between the United Nations Truce Commission and Maj. Abdullah el Tel of the Arab Legion.

Flour Reaches Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, June 19 (Delayed) (UP)-Forty-four truckloads of flour, loaded in Tel Aviv under the supervision of United Nations representatives, arrived here Saturday, almost unnoticed by Sabbath strollers.

A second food convoy of about thirty trucks arrived later in the afternoon.
U. N. Guards’ Duties Listed

RHODES, Greece, June 20 (UP)-Count Folke Bernadotte, United Nations Mediator in the Palestine war, announced at his headquarters today the duties of forty-nine United Nations guards en route from New York to begin guard duty in the Holy Land-

1. To supervise Israeli convoys from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and control quantities and types of goods sent to Jerusalem.

2. To take over from British troops in Haifa the areas being evacuated by the British.

3. To guard Camp Hadera, north of Tel Aviv, where Jews of military age who have gone to Palestine since the truce began are being interned.

Joint Service Held on Rhodes


LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y., June 20-Leaders of the Greek, Moslem and Jewish communities on the island of Rhodes gathered for a joint service this morning, to pray for the success of the United Nations Truce Commission in Palestine.

According to word received here at United Nations headquarters, the citizens of Rhodes, led by Nicoles Mavris, Greek Governor General of the Dodecanese, attended special services held in the Evangelismos Church.

Count Bernadotte attended the service with members of the Palestine mission. The Mufti of Rhodes, Sheik Suleiman, spiritual leader of the 2,500 Moslem citizens, and Elias Soriano, president of the small sixty-person Jewish community on the island, also were at the service.


Pan York Master Faces Charge of Disobeying British Order

HAIFA, Israel, June 20 (Reuters)-Gad Hilb, 24-year-old master of the Jewish immigrant ship Pan York, arrested by a British naval boarding party Saturday when his ship arrived off Haifa, will be tried by a special British military court, it was learned here today. He will face a charge of having willfully disobeyed an order to assist a British naval captain to go aboard the ship.

Captain Hilb, a Palestinian, asserted that the British Navy was not entitled to board his ship before representatives of the Haifa port authority had first gone aboard.

British officers ordered the Pan York and her sister ship the Pan Crescent, which brought Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe at the beginning of the year, not to move their anchorage.