AbdullahJERUSALEM, April 26-The regular armies of Trans-Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt will launch an invasion of Palestine by Saturday, advises reaching Jerusalem tonight said.

In Amman, capital of Trans-Jordan, King Abdullah said he personally will take the field against the Jews at the head of the armies of Trans-Jordan, Syria and Lebanon and move into the Holy Land by May 1.

Moving with him, the king said, will be Egyptian army units which will cross the Holy Land’s southern frontier at the same time, under an individual but closely allied command.

Arab informants in Cairo said Iraq and Saudi Arabia also have decided to throw their regular military forces into the fight to prevent the Jews from establishing a state of their own in the Holy Land.


Abdullah told an Associated Press reporter in Amman he had been given command of the troops of Lebanon and Syria for the Palestine fight by the Arab League’s military council.

He said he had been urged at the same time by delegations of Palestine and Arab notables to declare himself King of Palestine as well as Trans-Jordan and move his throne to Jerusalem.

Asked whether the invasion of the Holy Land will begin while the British mandate is still in effect, Abdullah said- “Instead of waiting until May 15, Jews started to attack peaceful villages, Haifa and Jaffa, and a great part of Jerusalem. This is sufficient provocation for Arab states to send their armies and I consider that no one government in the Arab states can dare resist the wish of its people.”

Egypt warned all shipping from its territorial waters along a 20-mile coastal strip adjoining Southern Palestine effective May 1. Observers saw this as a step toward an ultimate blockade of the Jewish state by the Egyptian navy.


The six Arab nations’ decision to invade Palestine with their regular land, sea and air forces was reached at a conference held today in Cairo.

The conferees were said to have agreed completely with decisions reached Saturday at Amman by King Abdullah and his nephew, Regent Abdul Illah of Iraq.

An invasion of the Holy Land by regular army troops would defy the British mandate and the United Nations Security Council which has ordered a truce in Palestine.

The Cairo accounts said King Abdullah already has dispatched reinforcements of Trans-Jordan’s Arab Legion to Palestine.

The 15,000 Legionnaires are regarded as superior to the Arab volunteer forces which thus far have engaged the Jews in the Holy Land. Approximately 10,000 Legionnaires already are in Palestine on security duty with British.


(While Abdullah was announcing his military plans, he was also maneuvering on the diplomatic front, according to United Press.

(In a letter to British High Commissioner General Sir Alan Cunningham in Jerusalem, Abdullah demanded Arabs be given sovereignty in Palestine.

(The Jewish Agency for Palestine, on the basis of the demand, telegraphed Abdullah asserting peace can be achieved only by tolerance and understanding at a conference by responsible men on both sides.

(Cunningham replied he would forward Abdullah’s note to the British government in London.

(Abdullah demanded the Arabs be given sovereignty after Britain lays down its mandate May 15. He implied he wanted control of Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem, as places holy to Arab Christians and Moslems.

(He promised Jews a national home as part of Jewish citizenship rights.)