Mrs. Gertrud Scholtz-Klink HeissmeyerFRANKFURT, March 1 (AP)—U. S. Army agents announced today the arrest of Mrs. Gertrud Scholtz-Klink Heissmeyer, 46, former top Nazi leader. It was she who urged German women to heed Hitler’s plea to bear more children.

She was head of the women’s branch of the Nazi party during the war. In April, 1945, she was reported to have committed suicide at Konstanz.

War crimes officials said Mrs. Heissmeyer will be a witness in the war crimes trials at Nuernberg.

Authorities said she would not be tried in the current Nuernberg trials because indictments in those cases have been concluded. They said she was on the United Nations list of war criminals.

The Army newspaper Stars and Stripes said she was credited with establishing homes where German girls could meet picked partners for the purpose of breeding a “super race.” Army agents said they could not confirm that report.

Army agents said she and her husband, Colonel August Heissmeyer, were arrested yesterday near Tuebingen in the French zone on a secret tip. Agents said he was a one-time aide of Heinrich Himmler, head of the German Gestapo.

Army agents said she had been identified with the Nazi party since 1929, and was regarded as a close associate of Hitler.