Fighting in Old CityStronghold Between Tel Aviv and Jaffa Attacked After Shots Wounded 3 Jews.

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JERUSALEM, Jan. 3 (AP) Members of Hagana, the Jewish militia, announced today that four Arabs were shot to death in a midnight reprisal raid on an Arab stronghold in the no-man’s land between Jewish Tel Aviv and Arab Jaffa.

Hagana said British police searched a Jewish house in the area and after police withdrew Arabs fired on the house from a point across the street wounding three Jews. The Hagana raid on the Arab stronghold followed.

The deaths boosted to 523 the number of persons killed in Palestine since the United Nation voted to partition the Holy Land on Nov. 29.

Earlier, a Hagana source asserted that the Jewish defense force is convinced it can take hold and defend a Jewish state in partitioned Palestine, but that it will take two or three year and will cost many more live.

Government informants said wives and children of British officials “are being urged” to leave Palestine as soon as possible. The sources added, however, that there were no official plans yet for formal evacuation.