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By CARTER L. DAVIDSON Associated Press Staff Writer

JERUSALEM, June 8 (Delayed) It had seemed incongruous in the first place to hear a little Jewish boy about 9 whistling “Only Five Minutes More.”

He strolled along in tennis shoes, shorts and a blue blouse.

An Arab mortar salvo began. Five of them fell 30 yards away and the little boy and I-the only persons on the street-lay flat alongside a high wall. The sixth one fell short and hit the street only 10 yards away from us. Lucky I thought, only an incendiary.

Then I heard the little boy scream once and go quiet. I sprinted to him and saw a pool of blood.

“Where are you hit?”

He answered calmly- “I am going to die.”

There were flecks of blood in the froth which appeared on his lips.

A Haganah staff car raced down the street. I stopped it. We loaded the little boy into the car. He didn’t cry.

We hurried him to the hospital. The nurses and doctors worked on him but soon stopped.

He was dead.