main post office at Tel Aviv bombedJERUSALEM, Palestine, Nov. 16 (U. P.)—Twelve armed Jews raided the main post office at Tel Aviv at 10-40 A. M. today, disarmed four Jewish policemen at pistol point and searched the entire building for a parcel containing $32,000 worth of diamonds.

The hold-up men entered the post office through the rear door. They forced 100 employees to stand with raised hands while they looked for the gems. However, the package failed to arrive on schedule for some reason and the bandits left empty-handed by the rear door.

Two armored cars were parked in front of the building, but the troops manning them were unaware of the hold-up attempt going on inside.

“The diamonds which the would-be robbers apparently were looking for, however, were not there and the attackers made off on foot in the direction of Colony Square,” a communique said in describing the hold-up.