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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SUN-Sir- Alexander Bittelman, Communist party leader and alien whom the government is attempting to deport, spoke at a “mass rally on Palestine” on Sunday, February 1, at Manhattan Center.

This is only one of a series of Communist “Palestine” rallies that are designed to arouse antipathy toward Britain and America. They are also designed to confuse. And they do confuse thousands of Americans. This new-fanged Communist “Zionism” antagonizes much of the anti-Communist public against legitimate Zionist activity. On the other hand, many unwise persons, Jewish and Christian, with real grievances against official American and British policies, are drawn into the Communist orbit through such rallies as the one mentioned.

The issue must be clarified now. Communists are no friends of Zion. They were anti-Zionist as recently as two years ago. They have shifted their “line” on Palestine, for reasons of their own, more times than one can count. Conversely, Zionism itself is a democratic movement that can have no truck with aggressive international totalitarianism.

I denounce this latest scheme of the Communists to confuse us. As a Zionist and a past president of the Westchester County Zionist Organization, I believe it time to sound an alert.