Packing Oranges in "Kalmania"Exports of Israeli processed foods and agricultural products are edging up to the billion dollar a year mark, buyers and visitors to Israel’s fifth food Week Fair being held at the Hilton Hotel here are being told.

Exports of processed foods are expected to reach about $340 million this year, with another some $500 million being earned by exports of fruit and flowers, with the main emphasis on citrus exports.

Over 130 local firms are displaying their wares and lively interest was reported from several hundred buyers from abroad, accompanied by more than a dozen foreign reporters coming to Israel specially for the food show.

Israel’s main market for its foodstuffs is in Europe, and government spokesmen admit the validity of manufacturers’ complaints that insufficient attention was paid to their needs when drawing up agreements between Israel and the European Economic Community (EEC).

Official spokesmen say they hope to rectify this situation in the periodic review of the agreements called for in the formal treaties and EEC adherence arrangements.

Hope To Increase Sales In The U.S.

Food week organizers say they hope to increase sales to American markets, which have till now taken only a small percentage of Israeli food exports. The AGREXCO (Israel Agricultural Export Company) points out it costs as much to ship tomatoes to New York from California as it does from Israel.

Israel’s agricultural exports show some good examples of “carrying coals to Newcastle.” Israel exports flowers to Holland, wine to France, goose livers to Germany and matzot to nearly all countries of the world.