Bible and Beyond
Exod. 22-25–26

25If you take your neighbor’s garment in pledge, you must return it to him before the sun sets; 26it is his only clothing, the sole covering for his skin. In what else shall he sleep? Therefore, if he cries out to Me, I will pay heed, for I am compassionate.

Deut. 24-12–15

12If he is a needy man, you shall not go to sleep in his pledge; 13you must return the pledge to him at sundown, that he may sleep in his cloth and bless you; and it will be to your merit before the Lord your God.

14You shall not abuse a needy and destitute laborer, whether a fellow countryman or a stranger in one of the communities of your land. 15You must pay him his wages on the same day, before the sun sets, for he is needy and urgently depends on it; else he will cry to the Lord against you and you will incur guilt.

Amos 2-8

8They recline by every altar

On garments taken in pledge,

And drink in the House of their God

Wine bought with fines they imposed.

Tanakh, The Holy Scriptures, (Philadelphia, Jerusalem- Jewish Publication Society) 1985.