Returning and Redemption
From a memorandum submitted by Mousa Kasem El-Hussaini, President of the Executive Committee of the Arab Palestine Congress, to the deputation of Executive committee of the Haifa Congress, received by the Secretary of State for the Colonies at Government house, Monday, March 28, 1921-

Jews have been amongst the most active advocates of destruction in many lands, especially where their influential positions have enabled them to do more harm. It is well known that the disintegration of Russia was wholly or in great part brought about by the Jews, and a large proportion of the defeat of Germany and Austria must also be put at their door. When the star of the Central Powers was in the ascendant Jews flattered them, but the moment the scale turned in favour of the Allies Jews withdrew their support from Germany, opened their coffers to the Allies, and received in return that most uncommon promise.

We have seen a book entitled “The Jewish Peril” which should be read by everyone who still doubts the pernicious motives of the Jews towards the Power that be and towards civilisation. It is a collection of the minutes of a secret society of prominent Jews who meet from time to time to discuss world affairs in relation to Judaism. The book is replete with an overflowing hatred of mankind, and Christendom in particular. It points out in detail ways and means for upsetting the present order of things, so that out of the ensuing chaos Jews might come out masters of the world.

Looking into the ranks of socialism, we find Jewish names such as Carl Marx, Becknin and Trotsky topping the list, besides a host of others as pernicious, if not as renowned.

The Jew, moreover, is clannish and unneighbourly, and cannot mix with those who live about him. He will enjoy the privileges and benefits of a country, but will give nothing in return. The Jew is a Jew all the world over. He amasses the wealth of a country and then leads its people, whom he has already impoverished, where he chooses. He encourages wars when self-interest dictates, and thus uses the armies of the nations to do his bidding.

Palestine suffers in this manner from her Jewish colonies. Wherever these exist the surrounding peasant population has had to sell out and migrate. Because of their clannishness Jews will, as far as they can help it, not employ a native, or buy at his store or benefit him in any way; on the contrary, they will watch every opportunity to harm him if this can be done with impunity.

In commerce and finance they are pitiless foes. Since Palestine opened its doors to them its trade has gradually drifted into their hands. They depreciate the value of land and property, and at the same time manipulate a financial crisis in order that landlords, under the stress of need, should sell out at ruinous prices.

Can Europe then expect the Arab to live and work with such a neighbour? Had not England better find a country for them in the vast uninhabited regions of her great Empire?

If Russia and Poland, with their spacious countries, were unable to tolerate them, how could Europe expect Palestine to welcome them? Can the Arabs carry the burden which Europe is unable to support; or will the Jew, on coming to Palestine, change his skin and lose all those qualities which have hitherto made him an object of dislike to the nations?