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CAIRO, May 8 (AP)-The “Command Volunteers, southern front Palestine” issued a communique today saying volunteer Egyptian forces had penetrated about 30 miles into the Holy Land.

“Our forces penetrated the frontiers and held their posts without casualties.” said the communique. “Some forces rushed to the northern part of the front to help Arabs repulsing Jewish attacks on Iraq Suweidan, some 50 kilometers north of the Egyptian border town of Rafa. This help was successful.

“The people of Palestine received our troops enthusiastically and shouted for Arabism. Egypt and King Farouk.”

(Jerusalem dispatches said a traveler returning from a tour of the southern Palestine desert confirmed the presence of 500 Egyptian volunteers at Falujja and Iraq Suweidan northeast of Gaza. The traveler said the volunteers were commanded by “Egyptian army officers,” and apparently were well trained and well armed.)

A considerable but unknown number of regular Egyptian army officers and soldiers have recently been given leave from the army and joined the volunteers under special inducements offered by the government and Arab League.