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  1. Educational Resource Guides
    1. Educational Resource Guides from Steve Israel, Exile 1492- Unit I, The Story of the Jews in Spain (workbook), ed. Michael Glatzer, Ben-Zvi Institute, 1991-
      1. Age One- Under Muslim Rule
    2. Educational Resource Guides from Steve Israel, Exile 1492- Unit II, The Sephardi Diaspora (workbook), ed. Michael Glatzer, Ben-Zvi Institute, 1991-
      1. Introduction- On Creating a Home
      2. Area One- The Ottoman Empire
      3. Area Two- Italy
      4. Area Three- Erez Israel – The Jewish Centre
      5. Area Five- Western Europe
      6. Area Six- the New World – The Americas
      7. Area Seven- The Whole Jewish World
    3. COJS Educational Resource Guides Website
    4. The Power of the Word, Heritage- Civilization and the Jews.
    5. Retellings of Jonah
    6. The Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls- The Bible Scholar Who Became an Undercover Agent
  2. Articles
    1. The Wailing Wall Controversy and Communal Conflict, Shira Klein, COJS.
    2. Riots of August 1929, Shira Klein, COJS.
    3. The Palestine Police and the Jewish Settlement Police, Shira Klein, COJS.
    4. Jewish Self-Defense, the Haganah, and Seeds of Dissent, Shira Klein, COJS.
    5. The Shaw Commission and British Disillusionment with Zionism, Shira Klein, COJS.
    6. The Hope Simpson Report on Land Usage and the Passfield White Paper, 1930, Shira Klein, COJS.
    7. The Zionist Lobby in London and the Reversal of the 1930 White Paper, Shira Klein, COJS.
    8. The White Paper of 1922, Shira Klein, COJS.
    9. “Legislative Council” in British Colonial Practice, Shira Klein, COJS.
    10. Boycott of the Elections of 1923, Shira Klein, COJS.
    11. Appointment of Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini, Shira Klein, COJS.
    12. The Zionist Commission, the Va’ad Leumi and the Jewish Agency, Shira Klein, COJS.
    13. Jewish Immigration During the 1920s, Shira Klein, COJS.
  3. Videos
    1. COJS- Teaching with Images. Abby Kornfeld. Produced by Down Low Pictures for COJS.
  4. Websites
    1. American Museum of Natural History- Archaeology
    2. Ancient Egypt – for elementary school students and their teachers.
    3. Archaeological Institute of America Education Pages
    4. BBC – History
    5. Biblical Studies and Technological Tools (blog)
    7. COJS Educators Blog
    8. Dig- The Archaeology Magazine for Kids
    9. G-dCast
    10. Jerusalem Mosaic
    11. Jewish Virtual Library
    12. Journey to Ancient Civilizations
    13. Judaic Studies Search
    14. The Lookstein Center
    15. Pictures from the Holyland
    16. Society of Biblical Literature Educational Resources
    17. Best of History Websites
    18. A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust
    19. Teaching with Technology – Online Resources
    20. University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology- Canaan and Ancient Israel
    21. Visual Midrash from the TALI Education Funds Collections
  5. Further reading
    1. Archaeology Resources, The Jewish Museum, 2007.
  6. Other resources
    1. Kings of Israel, Judah, Assyria, Babylonia and Persia- 783-522 BCE
    2. Buried 2000 Years- The Dead Sea Scrolls (Short Story)
    3. International Response to Hitler’s Rise to Power and the Holocaust
    4. British Limits on Immigration
    5. The Role of Oil in the Middle East Conflict