The Arab Higher Council:

“Arabs attacked Jewish bus convoys at Ramleh, an Arab town on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv road, despite an escort of armored cars making the road almost impassable…

At Ramleh, which is on the road to Lydda airport, first rocks were heaved against the convoy comprising passenger cars of the French, Norwegian and trans World Airlines.  The Jewish drivers of the French and Norwegian lines were dragged from their cars and beaten when the convoy was brought to a halt by intensive stoning but the passengers were un harmed.  The TWA cars turned back and missed being hit.

Not long afterward a bus convoy with an armored car escort was stoned near Ramleh.  Two passengers and the driver were injured.  The Jewish drivers opened fire and Haganah men aboard threw a score of bombs that broke up the attack.

The Next attack occurred two hours later in the same area when three buses sixteen trucks, ten cars and two armored cars ran into fire from roof tops and from behind walls.  The Arabs, using Sten guns and Thompson submachine guns, kept up a steady fire at the leading bus until the armored cars drove them from behind a stone wall.  Three Arabs were wounded two of them seriously.  The rooftop firing ceased and the convoy continued.”

Source: New York Times, December 5, 1947