December 31, 1971 3,200 Years of Documented Presence of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel, Genesis 15:18-

42,000 immigrants arrive in Israel. Aliyah to Israel from affluent countries and the USSR gains momentum. In 1971, 42,000 immigrants arrive in Israel. The year is marked by the continued struggle of Soviet Jews for recognition of their national identity and the right to immigrate to Israel. Protests are held in dozens of cities in Israel and throughout the Jewish world.

Settlement in territories is expanded. Among the settlements established are: Ophira (Sharm El Sheikh), Di Zahav (Dahab), Neviot (Nuweiiba), Sadot in the Yamit district and Elrom in the Golan.

The Zionist Council is founded in Israel in 1971 and takes upon itself the nurturing of Zionist consciousness and volunteerism in the country. Some 100 voluntary bodies join it, including the Student Association and bodies from the kibbutzim and moshavim.