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Daily Life Culture of the Rabbis (3rd – 7th century CE)

  1. From Text to Tradition
    1. The Daily Life of the Jew
    2. Sanctuaries in Time
    3. The Sanctified Table
    4. Marriage and the Family
    5. Ritual Purity and Impurity
    6. Life Cycle
  2. Historical surveys
    1. Isaiah M. Gafni. “The World of the Talmud- From the Mishnah to the Arab Conquest.” Part III. Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism- a Parallel History of their Origins and Early Development. Ed. Hershal Shanks. Washington D.C.- Biblical Archaeology Society, 1993.
  3. Primary sources
    1. Mishnah Berakhot 1-1-4- Laws Regarding recitation of the Shema
    2. The Benedictions Before the Morning Shema- Accepting God and His Commandments
    3. The Shema- Affirming Faith in God and His Commandments
    4. The Benediction After the Morning Shema- Remembering the Redemption from Egypt
    5. Mishnah Berakhot 6-1-4- The Blessing Over Food
    6. Mishnah Qiddushin 1-7- The Obligation of the Commandments
    7. Mishnah Shabbat 7-1-2- The Thirty Nine-Forbidden Labors on the Sabbath
    8. Mishnah Shabbat 12-1-3- Sabbath Labor
    9. Mishnah Pesahim 10-2-9- The Passover Seder
    10. The Passover Haggadah- Retelling the Exodus
    11. Mishnah Sukkah 1-1-11- The Building of the Sukkah
    12. Mishnah Sukkah 3-1-7- Lulav and Etrog
    13. Babylonian Talmud Shabbat 21b- The Significance of Hanukkah
    14. Al ha-Nissim- Additional Prayer for Hanukkah
    15. Mishnah Ta’anit 4-6-7- Days of National Mourning
    16. Leviticus 11- Permitted and Forbidden Animals
    17. Mishnah Hullin 1-1-2- Laws of Ritual Slaughter
    18. Mishnah Hullin 8-1-4- Separation of Meat and Milk
    19. Mishnah Ta’anit 4-8- Choosing a Spouse
    20. Mishnah Qiddushin 1-1- The Law of Marriage
    21. Babylonian Talmud Ketubot 8a- The Marriage Benedictions
    22. Babatha’s Ketubah- An Early Marriage Contract
    23. Papyrus Yadin 18- Jewish Marriage Contract in Greek
    24. Mishnah Gittin 1,3,9- The Law of Divorce
    25. Wadi Murabba’at Aramaic Papyrus- Writ of Divorce
    26. Mishnah Niddah 2-4, 6- Some Laws of Purity
    27. Mishnah Miqva’ot 2-2-4, 8-1- The Fitness of a Ritual Pool
    28. Mishnah Shabbat 18-19- From Birth to Circumcision
    29. Mishnah Avot 5-21- Stages of Life
  4. Images
    1. Ossuary, Jerusalem region, first century.
    2. Ossuary, Yehosef bar Eglon.
  5. Videos
    1. Jewish Archaeology – Overview

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