Faisal Ibn Abdul Aziz al SaudHe and Faisal of Arabia Fly In for Assembly

Faisal Ibn Abdul Aziz al Saud, Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, and Arthur Creech-Jones, British Colonial Secretary, arrived on the same British Overseas Airways Corporation plane at La Guardia Field at 3-45 p. m. yesterday to attend the special Palestine session of the United Nations General Assembly opening today.

Mr. Creech-Jones said that the U. N. will have to “face up to the difficulties and find a way” to solve the Hold Land crisis. He stressed that the British civil administration there will end as scheduled on May 15, and that British troops will be entirely out of Palestine by Aug. 1.

Emphatically rejecting the possibility that British troops might remain after Aug. 1, Mr. Creech-Jones said that he hoped they would be out before then. He said that the British withdrawal is now going on “as rapidly as possible.”

“Make it quite clear,” Mr. Creech-Jones told reporters. “We are not staying on. We have had enough. Hundreds of our fellows were killed this year alone….British public opinion won’t stand for it.”

Prince Faisal, who boarded the plane in Cairo, went directly to the Waldorf-Astoria Tower Apartments without commenting on the Palestine problem. He was accompanied by Sheikh Ali Abdullah Alireza, his aid; Ibrahim Sulaiman and Sala Abbad, secretaries, and a bodyguard called Marzook.