NazarethNAZARETH, Israel, April 17 (AP)-Thousands of Christian Arabs worshipped at Easter services today in this ancient city of Jesus.

Nazareth is jammed to overflowing with Arab refugees who came here for sanctuary. The Palestine war packed 20,000 Arabs-virtually all of them Christian-into this city which has a normal population of 7000 to 8000.

The 200-year-old Roman Catholic Church of the Annunciation was filled to the doors and an overflow crowd of worshippers stood in the courtyard for the main Easter Mass at mid-morning.

A steady stream of visitors filed past the grotto shrine where Mary is said to have learned she was to be the mother of the Christ Child.

Protestant services were held in three churches in the valley where Nazareth sprawls between the Galilean hills. These hills were spangled today with poppy-red anemones and golden daisies.

Cars passing through Nazareth along the main road stopped to buy huge bouquets of wildflowers sold by little Arab children.