CAIRO, Egypt, April 25 (AP)-Camille Chamoun, a Lebanon delegate to the United Nations, said today the Arab nations must put action ahead of diplomacy in dealing with Palestine.

“If we have the power to enforce an Arab solution to the Palestine problem, the United Nations cannot stand before us,” Mr. Chamoun told a news conference. “Let us act first, and when we have finished we can go to the United Nations and defend our actions. If we lose Palestine we will have lost everything.”

Egypt, Iraq and Syria are reported to be convinced of the necessity of invading Palestine with their regular armies. Abdul Illah, Regent of Iraq, consulted today with King Farouk of Egypt. Haj Amin el Husseini, the exiled Mufti of Jerusalem, greeted Abdul Illah at the airport.

BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 25 (AP)-Iraqui newspapers today called for immediate military intervention by the Government in Palestine, in the light of what they term “British treachery in surrendering Haifa to the Zionists.”

DAMASCUS, Syria, April 25 (AP)-Businesses and public transportation were closed today in the second day of a strike supporting the demand for dispatch of Arab regular armies to Palestine.