ploThe Emunah Women of America announced that it was launching a nationwide campaign to alert Congress to the danger of the Administration’s proposal to sell civilian communications equipment to an Arab consortium which includes the Palestine Liberation Organization and Libya.

Toby Willig, vice president of Emunah Women’s Public Affairs, said the campaign, in the form of petitions and letter writing, will stress that Libya has been cited by the Administration as the foremost terrorist country in the world. Libyan troops, she noted, are now training in Poland and the PLO has been linked with terrorist groups around the world, including the Red Brigade in Italy which kidnapped Brig. Gen. James Dozier.

A detailed letter has been sent by the Administration to members of Congress assuring them that the $79 million deal for the 22-member consortium did not mean that the U.S. was recognizing the PLO and that the equipment would not be used in an Arab satellite system which might have military capabilities. The deal was originally proposed last October but was pulled back the following month in face of Congressional criticism that the equipment might have military capabilities.

Mrs. Willig observed that “In this day and age of modern technology, communication plays a vital military role in planning and perception. We strongly urge Congress to safeguard America’s vital interests by blocking this sale immediately.” Congress has until the end of this month to review the proposal.