Israel Air ForceCAIRO, Egypt, July 15 (AP)-An Israeli plane bombed Cairo tonight. It was the first Israeli air attack of the Palestine war on the Egyptian capital.

The Egyptian Defense Ministry issued a communique saying that “at 7-55 this evening [1-55 P. M., Eastern daylight time] an enemy plane raided Cairo and dropped some bombs,” The communique did not specify where in Cairo the bombs fell, whether there were any casualties or the extent of the damage.

[Indicating that more than one plane took part in the attack a United Press dispatch from Tel Aviv quoted an Israeli communique as saying that the heaviest bomb load of the war was rained on Cairo. The dispatch added that Egyptian border points were bombed also and that all Israeli planes returned safely.]

The Iraqi Government issued a communique in Baghdad saying that its planes raided Haifa harbor, scoring a direct hit on one large vessel, leaving it burning. A wharf also was damaged, the communique said.

Cairo was the third Arab capital to be bombed by Israeli fliers. Israeli planes raided Damascus, Syria. and Amman, Trans-Jordan, before the United Nations four-week truce began early in June. The Egyptians have consistently bombed Tel Aviv since the war began.