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Bronze Prutah, 66-70 CE

A Smaller Rebel Coin

"for the freedom of Zion"

Date- 66-70 CE

Language and Script- Hebrew, paleo-Hebrew alphabetic

Bronze Prutah

Bronze Prutah – Front

Bronze Prutah Back

Bronze Prutah – Back

General Information-

Coins minted in Jerusalem during the second year of the revolt against the Romans, Prutot were the bronze fractions of the famous silver shekels. These coins bore the cultic wine amphora on the obverse (with “Shanat Shtayim = year two) and a grape leaf on the reverse (“herut Zion” = for the freedom of Zion, the first “common” usage of the word Zion). Thousands of these coins were found in Jerusalem and Masada.

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