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Bronze Hoard from the Cave of Letters


Bronze Hoard from the Cave of Letters

Yadin’s knack for making discoveries was on ample display during his first foray into the Cave of Letters. Seen here is a hoard of bronze objects found by Pinhas Prusky, a volunteer with Yadin- three shovels (including, at upper right, the one that matches the shovel discovered at Bethsaida); a patera, a pan decorated with a pagan scene (lower left); numerous juglets and bowls and a key (top center). Also found by Yadin on this expedition was a cache of correspondence between Bar-Kokhba, leader of the Second Revolt against Rome (132–135 C.E.), and his local commanders. That discovery gave the Cave of Letters its name.

“Return to the Cave of Letters- What Still Lies Buried?” BAR Jan-Feb 2001.

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