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RHODES, Aug. 8 (AP).-Count Folke Bernadotte informed the United Nations Security Council today that “there are rumors of impending coups by irregular elements” in Palestine. While the United Nations mediator did not identify the “elements,” the expression was interpreted here to mean the Jewish extremist organization Irgun Zvai Leumi.

“These irregular elements,” Count Bernadotte said, “are alleged to be uncontrollable, or to be used as spearheads of regular forces.” He urged demilitarization of Jerusalem as the “best remedy for this tense situation.”

On the general Palestine situation. Count Bernadotte reported “On a government level, both sides desire to continue in peace.” He added-” An adequate supervision is all the more necessary as there are signs of tension resulting from a lack of trust in the good faith of the other party. and from a fear that hostilities may shortly be resumed despite the truce ordered by the Security Council.”

As for Jerusalem, Count Bernadotte said both Arabs and Jews have agreed to begin talks “with a view to making arrangements to keep Jerusalem out of the conflict.”

The reported Irgun activity in the Holy City was regarded at Rhodes as in keeping with that organization’s policy of demanding all of Trans-Jordan and Palestine for the Jews. Officially, Irgun has been absorbed into the Israeli Army, but Irgun forces have clashed with Haganah units since the British mandate ended.

Because of the tense situation throughout the Holy Land, Count Bernadotte issued additional instructions to his truce observers. These stressed that the truce was not made between Arabs and Jews, but was imposed by the Security Council. Therefore, the mediator said, it is not a truce which either side can break on claims of self-defense. Count Bernadotte added that he expected the situation to improve after he received more truce observers.