Count Folke BernadotteArabs, Jews Protest to U. N. Mediator; Observers on Way

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By W. P. Saphir Staff Correspondent International News Service

CAIRO, June 12.-Arabs and Jews tonight reported bitter fighting along the Syrian-Palestine frontier between the Sea of Galilee and Lake Huleh in the second day of the shaky truce ordered by the United Nations.

Both sides protested to Count Folke Bernadotte, who rushed American and Swedish mediation teams to the spot.

Count Bernadotte conferred with opposing leaders and truce teams in Jerusalem, Amman and Damaseus after flying from Cairo in his special white plane bearing Red Cross markings.


The Israeli government charged that the Syrians, more than 24 hours after yesterday’s cease-fire order, were still attacking the Jewish settlement of Ein Gev.

The exposed settlement is on the Eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee adjoining the Syrian frontier. The Syrians claimed two nights ago they had encircled it.

The Syrian foreign office announced tonight that Jewish forces began a strong attack on Mishmar Hayarden, near Lake Huleh 17 miles North of Ein Gev.

The Syrians announced before the truce they had captured this Jewish settlement.


Count Bernadotte dispatched observers to the area after conferring with General Nureddin Mahmud, commander-in-chief of the Iraqi Army which also is operating in the area.

The Swedish U. N. mediator said he generally was “happy about the truce observance” and that minor violations must be expected in the first few days.

The Count found Jerusalem quiet.