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Stern Gang is Suspected in Big Holdup

JERUSALEM, Jan. 12 (UP)—Twenty bandits believed to be members of the Stern gang robbed Barclay’s Bank in Tel Aviv of more than $37,000 today and British reinforcements were rushed to the Palestine-Syrian border where new fighting broke out between Arabs and Jews.

The U. S. Consulate in Jerusalem officially announced it knew nothing about press reports that U. S. Marines would be sent to furnish additional guards for the Consulate. It said all the Consuls in Jerusalem had discussed the advisability of bringing in guards from their respective countries, if the British could not furnish more protection.

But the U. S. Consulate said it wanted to make plain this was a common problem for the Consulates in Jerusalem, and the American Consulate was not the only one considering a stronger guard.

The Syrian border fighting, described as skirmishes, was around the settlements of Dan and Kefar Szold, which 800 Arab invaders attacked last Friday. There was no indication whether the Arabs today had filtered across the border.

Military patrols were shot at between Dan and Kefar Szold and snipers shot up a Jewish bus. British reinforcements rushed in and helped the Jews shoot back at the Arabs.

There was no immediate report of casualties, but six persons were killed in other parts of Palestine. Two others—a British Constable and an Arab—died of old wounds.

It is believed the holdup men in the Tel Aviv bank robbery were members of Irgun Zvai Leumi or the Stern gang. Jewish police, who have replaced British police in the area, did not reach the bank until 30 minutes after the holdup.