Greco-Roman Period
The Babylonian Talmud includes a long section dealing with relations of parents and children of which we quote a small part. The Talmud is here interpreting the biblical verses referring to revering and honoring one’s parents. It spells out the minimum required filial responsibilities.

Our Rabbis taught- 78 “What is ‘reverence’ 79 [for parents] and what is ‘honor’? 80

“‘Reverence’ [refers to one who] does not sit in his [parent’s] place and does not stand
in his [parent’s] place, he does not contradict his [parent’s] opinions, and does not judge
[his parent’s disputes].

‘‘‘Honor’ [refers to one who] feeds [his father or mother] and gives him (or her) drink;
he clothes him (or her) and covers him (or her), and he helps him (or her) to enter and

77. Trans. S. Berrin.

78. A standard formula for introducing a tannaitic statement in the Talmud.

79. In the verse, ‘‘You shall revere each person his (or her) father and mother” (Lev. 19-3).

80. In the verse, “Honor your lather and your mother” (Ex. 20-12).