August 3rd, 1890 Programs In Russia and US House of Representation

Session: 51st Congress 1st US House of Representatives, Report No.2961

Jews In Russia

August 13, 1890- Referred to the house calendar and ordered to be printed.

Mr. HITT, from the Committee of Foreign Affairs, submitted the following:

“The Committee on Foreign Affairs, submitted the following REPORT:

The Committee on Foreign Affairs, to whom was referred the following preamble and resolution, viz:

Whereas it is reported through the pubic press by telegraph that the Russian Government has ordered to be enforced the edicts of 1882 against the Jews, which edicts have hitherto been held in abeyance, under which the Jews dwelling in Russia must henceforth reside in certain towns only, and will not be permitted to own land or hire it for agricultural proposes, or to hold shares in or work mines, or to enter the army or practice medicine or law, or to be an engineer or enter any of the learned professions, and excluding them from holding positions under the Government; and whereas such action will turn from their homes in hundreds of towns and villages large numbers of Jewish families: Therefore

Resolved, That the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled ,earnestly protest in the name of humanity against such inhuman and barbarous acts.

That the President be requested to transmit through our representatives in Russia respectful but earnest protest against such proposed action by the Russian Government.

Having had the same under consideration, report the following substitute therefore, and recommend its adoption:

Resolved, that the President be requested to communicate to the House of Representatives, if not incompatible with the public interests, any information in his possession concerning the enforcement of proscriptive edicts against the Jews in Russia, recently ordered as reported in the public press; and whether any American citizens have, because of their religion, been expelled from Russia, or forbidden the exercise of the ordinary privileges enjoyed by the inhabitants”