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Arch of Titus, 85 CE


Arch_of_Titus (1)

Arch of Titus – Menorah

The Arch of Titus was erected by his brother, Domitian, shortly after Titus’ death to commemorate the destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish exile in 70 CE.

One side of the arch shows the triumphal procession of laurel-crowned Romans carrying off sacred treasures from the Temple in Jerusalem, including the menorah from the Second Temple. The other side shows the triumphal procession of Roman soldiers entering Jerusalem.



Arch of Titus Full View. Photo by Ardon Bar Hama.



Arch of Titus – Chariot. Photo courtesy of

Caesar celebrated four triumphs during his dictatorships, each of them more spectacular than any that had been seen before. The relief at left shows Titus riding in his chariot in celebration of his capture of Jerusalem. The rituals of the triumph changed little during Rome’s history.


Arch_of_Titus (2)

Arch of Titus Full View

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