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IN NORTHERN PALESTINE, March 7 (AP)—The veteran Arab warrior Fawzi Bey Al Kaukji inspected his armed forces today and declared-

“Everything is ready. The battle starts when I give the word.”

He said he entered Palestine two days ago over the Allenby bridge. He assumed active command today.

A headquarters company of 50 men accompanied Fawzi Bey on his tour. They roared over winding blacktop roads in American-made jeeps, sleek motorcars and one armored scout car such as the British police use.

In the village of Kabatiya, where Fawzi Bey made his headquarters when he fought British and Jews in the Arab revolt of the thirties, he said-

“I have come to Palestine to stay and fight until Palestine is a free united Arab country, or until I am killed and buried here.”

“Our strength is adequate and infinite,” he said. “The armies have started flowing over the borders of Palestine and the flow will continue.”

A member of his staff said mobile armored equipment includes six weapons carriers, 20 armored scout cars and more than 100 assorted light artillery pieces. “There’s more to come,” he added.

He is expected to launch his first attacks on a guerrilla basis to test enemy strength, an aide said. After that will come “frontal battles.”

Fawzi Bey said the Arabs’ main project is to “quash the American decision to divide the country, and to subdue Zionism.”

An aide said Fawzi Bey visited King Abdullah of Trans-Jordan en route to Palestine and was told by him-

“You may consider all the military resources of my country as being under your command.”