Threat of “Holy War” as Britain Leaves Palestine

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With the British decision to withdraw her forces from Palestine unless a solution to the problem was reached by the United Nations, the Arab League Council has recommended Arab states to prepare to take military measures along the borders of Palestine.

Palestine Arab leaders left Jerusalem to keep a secret rendezvous with the former Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al Husseini, who has withdrawn to the mountains of the Lebanon (Syria) to form a Palestine Arab Government in Exile. His action followed swiftly on the heels of an announcement by the Arab League that a “seven nation” army would close in on Palestine to “keep the peace” if Britain withdraws.

Arab semi-official sources claimed that the seven Arab nations can back their demands with over 200,000 regular troops and that hordes of tribesmen are ready to answer the call to “Holy War.”

Photo Shows- Members of the Najada (equivalent to Jewish Haganah) on the march in Jaffa, during the pre-war troubles in Palestine. October 11, 1947