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AMMAN, Trans-Jordan, June 13 (AP)-Joint headquarters of the Arab armies in Palestine released yesterday their official front line positions which headquarters said would be effective during the cease-fire.

The positions were outlined as follows-

EGYPTIANS-Beginning at Gaza and running northward to Majdal and Isdud, southeastward to Iraq Suweidam and Taluja, eastward to Beit Jibrin and Deir Nakh Khas, northwestward to Aijun, Artuf on the Jerusalem-Lydda road, and Tarqumiva, thence southeastward to Hebron and Beersheba.

Headquarters said the Egyptian army controls the entire coast from the Egyptian border to Isdud, 23 miles below Tel Aviv, and inland as far as Hebron and Beersheba, with one spearhead to Artuf and another to Bethlehem. This area includes a wide section of the Negeb desert in which there are scattered Jewish settlements and which was assigned to Israel under the U. N. partition scheme.

ARAB LEGION-Bethlehem south of Jerusalem, Latrun on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway, Ramle, Lydda, Beit Nabala, 11 miles east of Tel Aviv, Wilhelma, eight miles east of Tel Aviv, and Ramallan, north of Jerusalem.

IRAGI ARMY-A line from Jish El Majami below the Sea of Galilee to Tajjun, northwest of Jenin and near Meggido southeast of Haifa, down to Tulkarm and Qalqilya and Kafr Qasim, between Tulkarm and Tel Aviv.

SYRIANS-Mishmar Hay Yarden, south of Lake Hula, and El Malikya on the northern Palestine frontier.

LEBANESE-Ras El Naqura on the Lebanese-Palestine frontier at the coast.