Old City of JerusalemWITHIN THE OLD CITY IN JERUSALEM, May 19 (AP).-Trans-Jordan troops slashed deep into modern Jerusalem today, while in the Old City a small Jewish garrison was bombarded at intervals for fifteen hours.

A high Arab official said Arabs expect the battle for Jerusalem will be decided within forty-eight hours. The official estimated that 8,000 Jewish troops of Haganah, Irgun Zvai Leumi and the Stern Group are engaged against the Arab Legion.

Jewish fighters evacuated a Haganah post in Notre Dame Hospice near New Gate of the Old City today, and two hours later a land mine they left behind exploded, damaging the hospice seriously, Arab sources said. Catholic sisters inside escaped injury. The hospice was used as headquarters for the British Highland Light Infantry Regiment before the British mandate ended Saturday.

Arab forces virtually cleared the Jews from a crescent-shaped front on three sides of the walled Old City and drove more than halfway through the Jewish quarter inside the walls.

The American-financed Hadassah Hospital and Hebrew University atop Mt. Scopus still are ringed, however, by Haganah machine-gun nests. Arab commanders said they had issued warnings to the hospital and university, neither of which flies the International Red Cross flag, that they would be shelled unless the Haganah machine gunners evacuated them. Arabs fired at and silenced some nests in the area today.

Arab artillery observers reported hits on several buildings in Zion Square, hub of the Jews’ business district in the new city.

It has been reported that Jerusalem Jews have received no food convoys since April 13. The incoming water main was broken ten days ago. All Jerusalem has been without electricity since Friday.

“They wanted war and they are getting it,” said Munir Abu Fadil.