Arab-Jewish WarfareIsrael Reports New Syrian Attacks; Plane Bombs Downtown Cairo

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CAIRO, July 20 (AP)-Jewish sources in Haifa said today fighting still was going on in Northern Palestine on the third day of the truce imposed by the United Nations.

A main Cairo thoroughfare was blasted last night when a single unidentified plane raided the Egyptian capital. Investigations of the Egyptian interior ministry said the plane dropped an “aerial mine” which damaged a motion picture theater and two department stores.

(United Press reported, however, that the public security director in Cairo said the explosion was “followed by” an enemy air raid which lasted nearly an hour. There was some uncertainty as to whether there was any connection between the blast and the raid.)

The Israeli Government said it was not one of its planes. A spokesman in Tel Aviv said Israeli planes dropped bombs over Cairo July 15 and “No Israeli plane has been in the vicinity of Cairo since.”

Cairo was under an air raid alarm from 9-45 to 11-10 p.m. (GMT). The throwing of a central switch blacked out the city. Anti-aircraft guns went into action.


The Egyptian investigators said the Metropole Cinema, which had been closed for the summer season, was wrecked and the Cicurel and Oreco department stores were extensively damaged. First estimates said two persons were killed and 17 wounded.

The Haifa informants said Syrian troops again tried to cross the Jordan River near the Sea of Galilee, but were repulsed by the Israeli garrisons in the area. Israeli planes raided Syrian troop concentrations in the Baniyas area of Syria.

The Israeli Air Force also was said to have heavily bombed Arab positions in the Jenin sector of Central Palestine. Police action against Arab villages south of Haifa still is going on after the Arabs made a day long attack on the Haifa-Tel Aviv road, the Jewish informants said.

A Syrian communique accused the Jews of violating the truce Sunday night and Monday morning. The Syrian foreign office has protested to Count Folke Bernadotte, the United Nations mediator. The Jews have accused the Syrians of truce violations.


Damascus had a 40-minute alert last night, but no raiding planes were seen in the sky. A Syrian communique issued later said a four-engine enemy aircraft dropped a number of bombs inside Syria, hitting El Kuneitra and the El Kuneitra-Banayas road. The bulletin said the bombs caused no damage.

The communique charged that Israeli units violated the truce at four Syrian advance posts where Jewish attacks were said to have been repelled. Israeli has accused Syria of widespread violations of the truce.

A Jerusalem dispatch said the Doly City was comparatively quiet yesterday after eight days of Arab-Jewish fighting, but the soldiers on each side were staying close to their rifles. Four Jews were reported killed in sporadic outbreaks.

Israeli units attacked Arab Legion positions in Jerusalem’s Meah Shearim quarter for 90 minutes late in the day. Jewish and Arab commanders conferred today with U. N. Security Officer Frank Begley over front lines to be observed during the truce. They are expected to sign the armistice agreement at noon tomorrow.