Ban on State Service by Jews

“ … As for the other heretics, of whatever error or name they might be (for we call heretic everyone who is not devoted to the Catholic Church and to our Orthodox and holy faith), as well as the pagans who try to introduce polytheism, the Jews and the Samaritans, we intend not only that what was already laid down in the laws shall be recalled and made firmer through this present law, but also that more shall be declared through which greater security, also honor and esteem shall envelope those sharing in our faith. It shall then be possible for all to perceive, as we said, that even what pertains to human advantages is withheld from those who do not worship God rightly.

We order, therefore, that none of the above-mentioned shall share in any honor whatsoever, nor shall put on an official belt, neither civil nor military, nor belong to any office …

Indeed, we order that those who are heretics, and above all the pagans, Jews, Samaritans, and those similar to them, if they take part in any of all those we have already recalled, having obtained an honor, inscribed in the advocates’ list, taken an office or put on an official belt, they shall be thrown out on the spot from participating in these. For we want all the above-mentioned to be purged from association with such as these now and forever, not only in this glorious city [Constantinople], but in practically every province and every place.

Source: Council of Centers on Jewish – Christian Relations