British Mandate in Palestine       Palestine Deports Illegal Entrants

263 Ordered to Leave Haifa,

But 180 Others are Allowed

To Leave another ship

218 More are Arrested

Appeals on Behalf of Refugees

Are Sent to Chamberlain and

                                       to Jerusalem Officials

Greece Curbs Refugees’ Ships

A law prohibiting Greek vessels from carrying any more Jewish refugees unless their papers are strictly in order was made known here today.

It is believed that the new measure will have the effect of virtually ending local smuggling (e.g. of Jews) activity which has been a flourishing business for more than a year.  Carried on in a semi-clandestine manner, it has brought exorbitant profits to many ship-owners as well as to ‘brokers’ who arrange for shipments.

Exactly why the government decided to forbid the practice at this time is not revealed, but it is supposed that recent illegal landings in Palestine of Jewish immigrants, causing embarrassment to the British authorities, may have something to do with it.

In recent weeks Greek cargo steamers crammed to capacity with refugees have been variously reported in near-by waters.  There have been particularly  ”distressing tales of misery since the incorporation of Czechoslovakia into Germany. Among the refugees are said to be many former leading citizens of Czechoslovakia.

Recently a French cruising liner went near one of these refugee ships off Crate.  The refugees’ plight was so pitiful that many tourist tossed them coins and packages of food.  Many deaths aboard the ships have been reported as a result of the unhealthful living conditions.

Source: New York Times, April 24, 1939