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MUNICH, July 16-(AP)-U. S. military Government employees charged today the occupation forces are firing American Jews just because they are Jews. A protest was cabled to Secretary of the Army Kenneth C. Royall.

The Bavarian Employees Association sent to Royall the protest over the dismissal of Paul Freedman, a political analyst. Herbert Baker of Chinook, Mont., association president, told reporters Freedman was one of “at least” a dozen such dismissals.

Freedman’s contract with the military Government expired in August, 1947. He continued on his job until June 16, 1948, when Governor Murray D. Van Wagoner terminated it. Van Wagoner said the decision to terminate was made entirely by himself.

Baker said there seemed to be a “policy” to fire all persons whose citizenship was younger than 15 years. Freedman was born in Nuernberg. His grandfather, an American, came there as consul two generations ago. Before the war Freedman went to the U. S., joined the Army and was naturalized as a soldier in 1943.

The association, all native Americans, said at least six employees have been dismissed in Bavaria and another six it knows of in Berlin.

“By coincidence, all were Jews,” Baker said.

Baker’s group said it understood the policy came down on a general level but that local governors were allowed to retain any one they “fought for.”

“We agree everyone unfit should be eliminated,” Baker told reporters, but he said Freedman’s record was “excellent.”