Jerusalem Recaptured

Date- 135 CE

Current Location- Private Collection

Language and Script- Latin, alphabetic

Aelia Capitolina Coin Front

Aelia Capitolina Coin – Front

Aelia Capitolina BackAelia Capitolina Coin – Back

General Information-

After renaming Judea as Phalista, the Roman emperor Hadrian rebuilt Jerusalem and renamed it Aelia Capitolina, after his family name (Aelius Hadrianus) and the god Jupiter Capitolinus.

This coin depicts Hadrian behind a team of oxen symbolically founding a new city by plowing the ruins of Jerusalem. In the background is a Roman military standard and inscription.

The other side of the coin features a bust of Hadrian and an inscription.

Front- COL(onia) AEL(ia) KAPIT(olina) COND(ita) (“The founding of the Colony of Aelia Capitolina”)

Back- IMP[eratori] CAES[ari] TRAI[ano] HADRIANO AUG[usto] P[ater] P[atriae] (“For Imperator Caesar Trajanus Hadrianus Augustus, Father of the Fatherland.”)