1. The Silet edh-Dhahr hoard. Four coins of Aelia Capitolina were found among 94 coins of other cities.

2. The Sheikh Zuweid hoard, found in 1969. It included coins of Raphia and Caesarea (about 200 of each city), Ascalon (about 150), Gaza (about 100), Eleutheropolis (50) Ptolemais (20), Anthedon (20), Joppa (5), and the largest group of Aelia Capitolina coins ever found together—about 100 pieces. Most of these were of Elagabal and Alexander Severus, but quite a few of the rare types were of Septimius Severus and Julia Domna.

3. The Gaza hoard, found in 1980, included over 2000 coins, mostly city coins of Judaea and Samaria, among which were about 40 coins of Aelia Capitolina, from Antoninus Pius to Alexander Severus.

4. Hoard from the Beth Umar region, found in 1983, included 100 coins mostly of the 3rd century, comprising city coins as well as Roman imperial coins. 22 of them are of Aelia Capitolina of the Elagabal and Alexander Severus types.

5. Another hoard, found south of Hebron contained several hundred silver provincial tetradrachms from Septimius Severus to Elagabal, including four tetradrachms of Aelia Capitolina. This is an addition to the Dura hoards published by Bellinger.

Meshorer, Ya’akov, The Coinage of Aelia Capitolina, Israel Museum, 1989.