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4 C.E. – 70 C.E. Columella

Portrait of Lucius Junius Moderatus ColumellaJews in the “Circus” of Rome

De Re Rustica, III, 8:1, 2, 4

She (e.g. Nature) has adorned Germany with armies of exceedingly tall men, but she has not wholly deprived other nations of men of exceptional stature. For Cicero bears witness that there was once a Roman citizen, Naevius Pollio, who was a foot taller than the tallest of other men; and recently we ourselves might have seen, among the exhibits of the procession at the games at the Circus, a man of the Jewish race who was of greater stature, than the tallest German.

Source: Menahem, Stern. Greek and Latin Authors on Jews and Judaism. Volume I (p. 427-428) (Stern # 185)

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