Jewish Mysticism
The prophet sees in a vision all the decrees….”When I spoke concerning the prophets” (Hosea 12-11), it does not say “to the prophets” (’el ha-nevi’im) but “concerning the prophets” (‘al ha-nevi’im), I spoke to the angels so that they will show you everything and they will speak of everything. “For I granted many visions” (Hosea 12-11)…initially the glory speaks to the prophets and afterwards they see visions in order that they will know everything….And this is [the import of] “Words of him who hears God’s speech…and beholds visions [from the Almighty]” (Num. 24-16). By means of this “he obtains knowledge from the Most High” (ibid.), for the Creator manifests and images His thoughts that He wills to accomplish….. And this is [the meaning of] “When I spoke concerning the prophets” and afterward “I granted many visions,” for he knows by means of the visions the supernal mind, and afterward “”and through the prophets I was imaged.”….All that which He shows to the prophets is assimilated by their minds and He shows to their minds His will through speech, in a vision, and by means of angel….He manifests to the prophets the matter of the purpose that He wills to accomplish, “He revealed His design to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3-7).

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in “Sacred Space and Mental Iconography- Imago Templi and Contemplation in Rhineland Jewish Pietism,” in Ki Baruch Hu- Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and Judaic Studies in Honor of Baruch A. Levine, 593-634. Edited by R. Chazan, W. Hallo, and L. H. Schiffman. Winona Lake- Eisenbrauns, 1999.