A year later, in May 1921, more serious attacks were made by Arabs on the Jews of Jaffa and of five rural settlements. On this occasion 47 Jews were killed and 146 wounded.

Source: The Political History of Palestine under British Administration Published (by His Britannic Majesty’s Government presented in July, 1947, to the United nations Special Committee on Palestine) Published at Jerusalem 1947 (pg 5)

Dr. Beatle, the principal medical officer in Jaffa, “But we have no doubt that the Arabs of Jaffa were the first to turn this quarrel into a race conflict, and, once this issue was joined, they behaved with a savagery which cannot be condoned”

“I was struck most with the number of wounds on each body, and the ferocity of the wounds. I am speaking particularly of broken skulls. Some of the victims had dozens of wounds.”

Source: Palestine Disturbances in May, 1921. Reports of The Commission of Inquiry with Correspondence relating Thereto.  Cmd. 1540 (Pg 46-47) )** (have in PDF)