July 1st, 1937 Arab Murder, Mayhem, and Massacre

The ugliest element in the picture remains to be noted Arab nationalism in Palestine has not escaped infection with the foul disease which has so often defiled the cause of nationalism in other lands. Acts of “terrorism” in various parts of the country have long been only too familiar reading in the  newspapers. As in Ireland in the worst days after the war (WWI) or in Bengal, intimidation at the point of a revolver has become a not infrequent feature of Arab politics. Attacks by Arabs on Jews unhappily, are no new thing. The novelty in the present situation is attack by Arabs on Arabs. For an Arab to be suspected of a lukewarm adherence to the nationalist cause is to invite a visit from a body of “gunmen.”

Source: Palestine Royal (Peel) Commission Summary of Report pages (pg 10) (Cmd. 5479) ** (have in PDF)